What does propane smell like?

Propane smells like rotten eggs or a skunk. The smell is deliberately added because propane does not originally have a scent. The unpleasant smell is added so customers are alerted when there is a leak. It sometimes indicates your tank is getting low as well.

What should you do when you smell gas?

If you smell gas, call your propane provider immediately. Make sure to not have any open flames around the area for your safety.

Can you refill the gas bottles I get from the gas stations?

Yes! We refill gas cylinders any day of the week during our business hours.

Do you charge extra fees during after hours?

Nope! We don’t believe in hidden unfair fees that large corporate companies usually charge.

How often should I fill up my tank?

It depends. It will need to be refilled more during the cold months. In the summer, you will usually not need to get your tank filled. While it doesn’t always need to be full, NEVER let it run completely out. This can become a safety hazard for potential fires or explosions.

What is a pilot light?

The pilot light is the small flame continuously burning within the appliance.

What happens when a pilot light goes out?

When the pilot light goes out contact our office and we will send a service man to come see about it. If the light is out it can indicate a potential problem in the appliance or propane system.

Is there a number I can call after business hours in case of an emergency? 

If there is an emergency where you feel it is unsafe to be in your home, like a fire, first call 911. Otherwise, please call the usual office number, (706) 647-0004. Our phones continue to be on and are not put straight to voicemail like other companies. One of our employees will reach you. Please do not try to call any of our employees’ personal numbers.